Sri Uma Ramalingeswara swamy temple

Sri Uma Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple
Bhavani colony, Rajendranagar, RR Dist, Telangana, 500030.
శ్రీ ఉమా రామలింగేశ్వర స్వామి ఆలయం
(Regd.No. 1141/2015)
శ్రీ ఉమా రామలింగేశ్వర స్వామి ఆలయం
Sri Uma Ramalingeswara swamy temple
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Sri Uma Ramalingeswara swamy temple Is a very ancient temple situated/ located at Premavathipet village. According to archeology of temples structure it belongs to Kakatiya dynasty. This temple previously used to call MOODU HANUMANDLA GUDI and SRI VEERA BHAKTHA HANUMAN TEMPLE. The devotees of in and around villages Premavathipet, Shivarampalli, Budwel and other villages used to visit the temple for getting blessings of the God. In those days the temple was in ruined stage due to lack of proper maintenance.

During the year 1074 Bhavani colony has come up in pheriphery of Premvathipet village which is adjuscent to the temple. The residsents of Bhavani colony and near by villages have under took the removation of ruined temple and the ceremony of Vigraha Prathista of Shiva Lingam, Nandeeshwar, Seetha Ramula varu and  Sri Saibaba idols during 2007.

Then onwards the temple renamed as " SRI UMA RAMALlNGESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE' After prathista ceremony the devotees are visiting In large numbers. Every year the temple is performing spritual ceremonies like Sri Rama navaml, Siva Ratri, Dassera Navarathrulu and Guru poornima festivals.

The present Sai Baba temple is a small one and covered temporarily with asbestos (cement) sheets with which devotees are facing much inconvenience while offering prayers expecially on every Thurseday as the large number of devotees are visiting. The temple committee is providing Annadhana prasadam to devotees on every Thurseday. [more]

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